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Help Police Stop Drunk Driving

Colorado Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Driving drunk is an extremely dangerous practice and drunk driving is a crime that is taken very seriously by police in Colorado. They are constantly on the lookout for drunk drivers and individuals who are found to have a BAC above the legal limit will serve jail time. However, Colorado police do not have the ability to observe every incident of drunk driving. In order to help keep the roads of Colorado safe, ordinary citizens must step in when possible to prevent drunk driving. Although individuals usually assume it is the responsibility of police to prevent drunk driving and punish those who drive under the influence, there are actions individuals can take to prevent drunk driving and help keep roads safe.

Stop Drunk Driving in Colorado

The easiest way to stop drunk driving is prevention. Every individual has the responsibility to stay off the roads while they are intoxicated or impaired by alcohol consumption. Further, individuals should do all they can, within reason and at NO risk to themselves to prevent people who are visibly intoxicated from driving. Often it is the passengers of a vehicle who have the best opportunity to dissuade an intoxicated individual from driving and people should under no circumstance agree to ride with someone who is intoxicated and about to get behind the wheel. If possible and appropriate, offer those who are too intoxicated to drive a ride if you are sober.

Help Police Stop Drunk Driving in Colorado

Those who host parties and the owners of bars and restaurants that serve alcohol can also take steps to help prevent drunk driving. Although serving a visibly intoxicated individual is a criminal offense in Colorado, it is a minor one. Many restaurants, bars, and private party hosts continue to serve individuals even after they are visibly intoxicated and obviously impaired. Limiting how many drinks are served to any one individual and stepping up as a host to prevent an intoxicated individual from driving after leaving your home can save lives.

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Drunk drivers cause accidents, injure innocent individuals and even cause many deaths each year in Colorado. If you or a loved one has been injured by a drunk driver, compensation may be available to you. To learn more about your options and to receive your free initial consultation, contact Fuller Law today. Fuller Law has years of experience and has helped hundreds of clients receive the compensation they deserved follow personal injury. Bookmark and Share