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Pedestrian Involved Car Accidents

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Being hit by a car can happen to anyone. Millions of car collisions occur each year in the US and the number of total car collisions continues to trend higher as more cars are added to American roadways. However, the fact that car accidents are common does not make them any easier to deal with. The inconvenience of having to have a car repaired alone is enough to make individuals fear car accidents. However, other more serious results of car accidents, including injury, lost wages, the totaling of a vehicle, and even possible death, make being hit by a car a significant and often traumatic event. It is easy for people to think of car accidents as primarily being between 2 cars, occurring because one of the drivers failed to drive safely. A large percentage of all individuals who are hit by cars each year are not the driver of a car at the time they are hit, they are bicyclists, pedestrians, and operators of nonstandard vehicles. Although often forgotten, these individuals suffer the same injuries and damages as motorists who are involved in accidents and these individuals often sustain more significant injuries. Whether you hit by a car as a pedestrian or the driver of a vehicle, the damage to your property and personal injury can be significant. When another driver is responsible for this damage, there are laws in place to help ensure that you get compensated for your injuries, the damage to your car, and other possible financial losses that are associated with the accident. In Colorado, all drivers are required to carry automobile insurance and automobile insurance policies pay for damages and injuries following an accident. In general, after an accident occurs, it will be the insurance company who the average car crash victim will be dealing with and seeking proper compensation from. Colorado Car Accident Law Firm

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Often disagreements about compensation amounts and total damages arise between individuals and insurance companies following a crash. If you were involved in a crash in the Englewood area, or elsewhere in Colorado, help getting proper compensation for your injuries does exist. Fuller Law has helped clients in the Englewood, Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder areas get the full compensation they deserved following being hit by a car. Contact Fuller Law to learn more about your legal options and to receive your free initial consultation today. Bookmark and Share