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Hit From Behind Auto Accidents

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In most car accidents there is some doubt as to who is truly responsible for a car accident. One of the rare cases in which liability is almost always clear is in instances where a driver is hit from behind. In a legal sense, it is a driver’s responsibility to stop for any obvious obstruction on the road, this includes other vehicles. Unless there was erratic or unjustified braking, the person who is hit from behind is almost always seen to be innocent of any fault. Although hit from behind accidents typically take place at slower speeds, it is common for these accidents to result in whiplash, damage in the car’s rear, bruised ribs, broken bones, and other possible injuries. If you have been hit from behind, chances are good that the other driver will be found to be at fault, but that fact does not necessarily mean the insurance companies will be quick to offer you the compensation you deserve. Insurance providers are known to be suspicious of significant injuries which result from rear ending and try to minimize how much they pay out for injuries. This makes proper documentation and disclosure of all injuries to your doctors extremely important. Colorado Car Accident Law Firm Even with properly documented injuries and damage, it can still prove difficult to get full compensation for all of your injuries, lost wages, and suffering on your own. By working with a qualified and experienced auto injury attorney you can greatly improve the amount of compensation you receive from insurance companies and improve your chances of getting all of your medical injuries acknowledged and reimbursed. However, when consulting with an attorney after being hit from behind it is important to be completely honest while disclosing all elements of the accident you were involved in. Knowing the complete and honest story of what happened will help your lawyer represent you without reservation or hesitation.

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