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Auto Insurance Disputes in Denver | John R. Fuller

Getting the run around? Are you having an auto insurance dispute in Denver? Our law firm may be able to help. Being injured in an auto accident can be an incredibly difficult and emotional time. After your accident, you may be seriously injured and in need of emergency surgeries, rehabilitation and long term care. While you are recovering from your injuries, your family may suddenly find themselves struggling to pay mortgages, keep creditors at bay and pay medical expenses. During this time it is important to receive insurance money FAST. Unfortunately, it is often during these times that you may find yourself suddenly struggling with an insurance dispute. When this occurs, it is important to contact an experienced Denver insurance dispute attorney to ensure that your claims are handled quickly and efficiently. When you purchase an insurance policy—automobile, medical or life— you are essentially entering into a contract with the insurance company. If and when you are injured, your insurance company agrees to uphold their end of the agreement, as long as you continue to pay your premiums and keep your policy in good standing. Unfortunately, many insurance companies fail their policy holders and engage in “bad faith practices”. They may falsely deny your claims, delay payments, fail to investigate your claim properly or simply refuse to reach a fair settlement. When this occurs, they can be found guilty of breech of contract, breech of fiduciary duty or even bad faith practices. In addition, they can also be found guilty of violating the Colorado Consumer Protection Act  and as a result,  YOU may be entitled to compensation. It is important to remember that the Colorado law is on your side and recognizes that an insurance company has a responsibility to you—their client. Don’t let an insurance company deny a claim that you are entitled to. Contact a Colorado bad faith attorney immediately to ensure that you receive the money you need to pay for medical expenses and damages after a traumatic accident.

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