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Liberty Mountain Recalls The Easy Go XP Lock

Liberty Mountain has recalled the Easy Go XP Lock Via Ferrata Lanyards, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The lanyard features elastic webbing which, it has been determined, may deteriorate over time, putting climbers at risk of falls that may cause injury or death while using the product. No injuries have been reported, however the potential for serious injury is severe. People who have this product should stop using it immediately, and get in touch with Liberty Mountain for a replacement or refund. The CPSC is a federal agency charged with ensuring the reasonable safety of consumer products in the United States. In most cases, the company whose product is being recalled cooperates with the CPSC, particularly in cases where the potential for serious injury or death is high. Have you or a loved one been seriously injured by a defective consumer product? Contact an experienced Denver product liability attorney today to discuss your options. We hear about product liability lawsuits every day, but many people don’t truly understand what the phrase “product liability” means. In simple terms, companies that manufacture consumer products have a legal responsibility to ensure the reasonable safety of those products. In some cases, and a climbing lanyard is a good example of one, a product may be designed to be used during an activity that carries inherent risk. In other words, anyone could be seriously injured while rock climbing, regardless of the equipment used. In these cases, the manufacturer has to create a product that is reasonably safe when it is used as intended. It also must be reasonably difficult to accidentally use incorrectly. If a defect in design or manufacture, or a failure to warn of potential danger, causes injury or death, then the manufacturer may be liable for the damages suffered by consumers. john-fuller-personal-injury-attorneyCall Denver product liability attorney John Fuller today if you or a family member have been seriously injured by a defective consumer product. While most people probably don’t regularly check the CPSC website, if you have been seriously injured by a product that you believe you were using correctly, John can help you look into whether there was negligence by the manufacture. John is an experienced, dedicated Denver product liability attorney who can conduct an independent investigation into the accident that you had, and work to ensure that you receive any compensation that you’re entitled. For more information and a FREE CASE EVALUATION, contact Fuller Law today at (303)597-4500.