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Light Rail Accidents

Denver and Aurora Light Rail Accident Attorney

[video_seo id=12 autoplay=0 width=480 height=270] Light rail travel allows commuters to move throughout Denver without worry of traffic jams, slick driving conditions, or where they are going to find parking once they get to their destination. Denver has 36 light rail stations throughout the city which makes light rail an effective and usually convenient way to move through the city for students, those commuting to work, as well as individuals just wanting to get from one place to another without having to drive. The light rail system in Denver is generally thought to be safe and gives the people of the city a fast and effective means of public transportation.

Light Rail Accidents in Denver

Unfortunately, accidents do occur, and this has been the case with light rail in Denver and throughout the U.S. Although generally safe, obstructions on the tracks, vehicles crossing intersections and mistakes made by the train’s operator can turn an uneventful commute into a nightmare. Compared to other light rail systems throughout the country and around the world, Denver light rail travel has an adequate safety track record, but accidents have occurred in the past and will almost certainly occur at some point in the future. Most commonly, these accidents have occurred at intersections where a person or vehicle is struck while crossing the train’s tracks. Even though light rail is considerably lighter than heavy railroad cars and engines, light rail trains are usually unable to stop for obstructions, even if they are spotted hundreds of yards ahead. This has meant in the past that the most common type of accidents have been individuals and vehicles crossing the tracks being struck by a train that had no way to stop in time.

Many of the accidents seen in the past with Denver light rail have been the result of mistakes made by individuals not associated with RTD or shear accidents with no one being found negligent. However, human error and pure negligence on the behalf of rail operators throughout the country has resulted in many light rail accidents in the past including some in and around Denver. It is very possible that such a instance will occur with Denver light rail in the future.

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