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The Most Loved Car of 2015 | Denver Auto Accident Attorney

voiture sportiveThe San Diego-based automotive brand analysis firm, Strategic Visions recently released its “Customer Love Index” for 2015 model-year vehicles. The report indicated that Americans are definitely not enamored with hybrids. In fact, the only class of vehicles that scored below the minivan was the hybrid. But what exactly is the most loved car of 2015? The most loved car for 2015, as it turns out, is the antithesis of a hybrid- the Porsche Macan. The luxury compact SUV Porsche Macan comes equipped with a 340-hp, 3.0-liter twin turbo V-6 engine that gets a combined average fuel efficiency of 19mpg. With a starting list price of $54,400, the Macan earns a love index of 629. That’s significantly higher than the luxury CUV group with an average of 412. Qualities such as performance, brand image, interior styling and design, and impression of reliability lent themselves to the vehicle’s high popularity rating. For a vehicle to be properly evaluated, Strategic Visions requires a sample of customers from all fifty states- a prerequisite that disqualified Tesla this year after they failed to supply complete customer sales information for the three stage survey. Last year the Tesla Model S was the “most loved vehicle.” One unexpected discovery from this year’s survey shows that millennials have just as much interest in the value of a vehicle as they do its extravagant features and posh extras. Compared to the industry average of 400, this group gave their vehicles an average score of 470. Because this demographic typically buys more mainstream vehicles, this indicates that they love their eco-conscious hatchbacks as much as luxury car owners love their upscale rides. For all the love the Macan has received from car buyers, it is not without safety issues. Porsche issued a voluntary safety recall for 58,881 of its 2015 Macan and Macan Turbo SUVs that had been distributed worldwide. Of those vehicles, 21,835 were sold in the U.S. Based on numbers, the recall was one of Porsche’s largest. In a press release, Porsche reported the recall was initiated to investigate a possible leakage in the low-pressure fuel line in the engine compartment. After an inspection, the company promised to replace any defective fuel lines free of charge to owners of the specified vehicles. Porsche also noted that accidents and injuries directly related to faulty fuel lines have yet to be reported. Further Reading: Is Infotainment Killing Us?

Driving Safety is a Priority

No matter what type of car you drive, driving safely is the key to avoiding disastrous and catastrophic car accidents. Whether you drive a Porsche or a minivan, how you drive is an important component to avoiding accidents. Follow these important safety rules whenever you are on the road.
  • Buckle up always
  • Obey all posted speed limits
  • Avoid tailgating
  • Use extra caution in construction zones
  • Use extra caution and slow down in inclement weather
  • Be sure to pack an emergency kit in your car
  • NEVER use your cellphone while driving
  • Avoid distracted driving
  • Never drive fatigued
  • Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Take a driving safety class
  • Always check your blind spots and use your blinker when changing lanes in traffic
  • Give pedestrians and bicyclists a wide berth when passing on the road
  • Use a helmet when riding a motorcycle
  • Avoid road rage
  • Pull over into a safe parking spot if you need to use your cellphone to answer a phone call or respond to an email
  • Always check your tires to be sure there is enough tread left for safe driving 

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