Low Impact Car Accident Injuries are No Laughing Matter

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Sometimes when people experience low impact car accident injuries, where their vehicle sustains little or no damage, they aren’t sure what to do. They are often afraid that their insurance company will deny their injury claim. However, the amount of damage sustained by the vehicle is not necessarily indicative of the severity of injuries sustained by the occupants of the vehicle.

Low speed impacts are those which occur at 10 mph or less, and result in little, if any, visible damage to one€™s automobile. However, vehicle occupants, especially when struck from behind, can, and do, sustain injuries. Injuries that can, surprisingly, lead to chronic and debilitating pain.

The most common of these injuries is a neck injury known as whiplash. Whiplash occurs as the result of a sudden or violent hyperextension of the neck. Symptoms can manifest within 24 hours, or be delayed and not become apparent for many days. In some cases, symptoms may subside and return a few days later. These symptoms can include stiffness in the neck and sometimes the muscles of the chest, shoulders, and arms.

Another common injury sustained in low impact accidents is back strain. Back strain and other lower back injuries occur when vehicle occupants don€™t have time to brace themselves in anticipation of the impact.

While the bumpers of most vehicles are built to withstand a low impact collision, human bodies get jostled and snapped around causing soft tissue injuries in addition to chest and rib injuries. Documented evidence shows that low-impact accidents can affect the soft tissues in a person€™s neck or back, such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Seatbelt usage also contributes to soft tissue injuries. In fact, soft tissue injury has risen by 21% since the advent of seat belt legislation.

The severity of injuries is affected by body size, as well. Tall people are at a greater risk of whiplash because their head restraints may be too low. Additionally, smaller persons, such as women, children, and the elderly, those in poor physical condition or individuals with pre-existing injuries are more susceptible to low impact injuries. Sometimes, a person may feel the effects of these injuries for months. And in some cases, an individual may suffer from chronic pain that lasts for years.

Too often an insurance adjuster will attempt to deny the possibility of an injury sustained at a low speed impact. And while your vehicle may show little damage, the force had to be transferred to something, and that would be to the unsuspecting occupant of the automobile that has been struckCars are built to handle these impacts- your body is not!

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