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Man Denied Claim Over .26 Cent Mistake

A man who needed a life saving surgery was laid off from his employment and his insurance company tried to deny his claim over a $0.26 mistake. 33-year-old Sergio Branco was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) and needed a bone marrow transplant costing $500,000.00 to save his life To make matters worse, when he returned to work after taking his federally granted leave time under the Family and Medical Leave Act, he was immediately laid off. However, he was not that worried because Branco was still eligible for extended coverage under the COBRA program at a monthly fee of $518.26. For the first payment, his wife made a check out for $518.00 and forgot to add the additional $0.26 of the total. The company that was handling his insurance payments did not notify the Brancos of their mistake. In the middle of his treatment, Mr. Branco was told by the hospital that they could not continue because he did not have any insurance. Technically the payment was still due and the Brancos said they would make up the difference. However, they were told by the company overseeing his payments that his former employer had instructed them not to make any more payments – meaning that now – his COBRA insurance was scheduled for cancellation. After making calls to the Department of Labor and getting nowhere, the Brancos hired a lawyer. After several months, they were reinstated and received the treatment that will Mr. Branco’s life. Have you or someone you know or love been denied a insurance clam or the treatment needed due to the bad faith of a insurance company? It is important that you contact a Colorado insurance-bad-faith attorney today to get the help and knowledge you need. john-fuller-personal-injury-attorneyIt is important to remember that the Colorado law is on your side and recognizes that an insurance company has a responsibility to you—their client. Don’t let an insurance company deny a claim that you are entitled to. Contact a Colorado bad faith attorney immediately to ensure that you receive the money you need to pay for medical expenses and damages after a traumatic accident. Contact Denver Personal Injury Attorney John R. Fuller immediately by phone or e-mail to discuss your insurance dispute or bad faith claim. John will arrange your free initial consultation and discuss the different legal issues surrounding your case.