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Motorcycle Safety Information

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In 2007, 103,000 motorcyclists were injured in motor vehicle accidents across the United States. While all vehicles have a responsibility to share Colorado’s roadways, the unfortunate truth is that motorcyclists are often “overlooked”. As a result, they can be severely injured in serious and life threatening accidents. In order to reduce your chances of being involved in a motorcycle accident,    follow these safety guidelines. Motorcycle safety is largely dependent upon the condition of the motorcycle itself. According to the State of Colorado Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook, motorcyclists should make a complete technical review of the vehicle before taking to the road. In fact, mechanical failures are attributed to 3 percent of motorcycle accidents.

A full motorcycle safety review should include

  • Make sure the clutch and throttle work responsively. When in top working condition a throttle will “snap back” when you release it.
  • Always check the air pressure in the tires.
  • Clean and adjust the mirrors.
  • Ensure that both the dimmer switch on the headlight and tail light for high and low beams are working properly.
  • Check underneath the motorcycle for evidence of oil or gas leaks
  • Ensure that oil and gas levels are sufficient.
  • Test both of the brake light controls and make sure each of these powers on the brake light.
  • Ensure that all four of the turn signals power on and flash.
  • Test the front and rear brakes individually. The motorcycle brakes should be firm and hold the motorcycle stable.
The second part of motorcycle safety is for motorcyclists to take the initial safety training required and regularly improve their skills with continuing safety courses. Motorcycle safety procedures include wearing a protective helmet and reflective clothing. This safety equipment protects the motorcyclist from the elements of nature and makes them highly visible to other drivers on the road. Colorado Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney According to C.R.S.A. § 42-4-1502 of the Colorado Helmet Law, this means that the helmet must: “(I) Be designed to reduce injuries to the user resulting from head impacts and to protect the user by remaining on the user’s head, deflecting blows, resisting penetration, and spreading the force of impact; (II) Consist of lining, padding, and chin strap; and
  • Meet or exceed the standards established in the United States Department of Transportation Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 218, 49 CFR 571.218, for Motorcycle Helmets.”
Motorcyclists, regardless of their level of experience, have a high risk of becoming involved in an accident with a passenger vehicle. And unfortunately, individuals in the 16-24 and 40-50 age groups account for a significant number of motorcycle fatalities. Many of these accidents and fatalities are directly related to speeding, lack of motorcycle operation skills and failure to wear a DOT regulation motorcycle helmet.

Fighting for Your Rights as a Motorcyclist

As a lawyer dedicated to protecting the rights of injured victims, Attorney John R. Fuller argues persuasively on any motorcycle accident question. He will battle the insurance company counsel every step of the way, fighting them in their efforts to pay you as little as possible for the pain and suffering you’ve experienced. You can be assured that he won’t be satisfied until you are. This client commitment is a major reason why he has successfully handled so many cases just like yours. He works hard to build a strong case. His understanding of negligence, mastery of legal strategy and knowledge of motorcycle accidents on the roads and highways of Colorado works in your favor. He is always ready to go to trial to obtain the compensation you need and deserve for your motorcycle accident.

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