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Colorado Passenger Vehicle Rollover Laws

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The safety of multiple passenger vehicles has been debated for years. The debate often ends in a stalemate with each side agreeing to disagree but the uneasy consensus being that the public accepts certain trade-offs when they are looking for a larger vehicle which can carry more passengers and offers more space. However, there are many cases where the lack of safety afforded by passenger vehicles such as 15 passenger vans and minibuses does not fall within acceptable limits. Often, driving behaviors which would otherwise be considered safe can become deadly in a large passenger vehicle loaded to capacity. Current laws in Colorado and those around the country ban the use of 15 passenger vans as school busses for high school and elementary students. For years these vans were used to transport full loads, up to 14, school aged children to school and extracurricular events. There have been some cases where 15 passenger vans have been rented covertly by school staff, then were used for extracurricular transportation. In several of these situations, rollover occurred despite the laws which were meant to protect school aged children. The National Highway Safety and Transportation Agency has gone so far as to post several rounds of warnings about 15 passenger vehicles and has boldly called for the full cessation of their use. The safety bulletins the NHSTA has put out are meant to help drivers of 15 passenger vans operate these vehicles in a safe manner and avoid accidents.

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15 passenger vehicles continue to be used by colleges and private companies to transport large numbers of people without having to have a driver with a CDL. Accidents in these vehicles continue to happen, many resulting in a large number of injuries and even a few fatalities. If you have been seriously injured or have had a loved one seriously injured or killed in a 15 passenger vehicle rollover or accident, and think a fault in the vehicles design or manufacture may have been the cause, help does exist. Even in cases where there may have been some other form of negligence, there is help available.

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