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Pedestrian Accidents in Colorado

Colorado Pedestrian Injury Lawyer

Being involved in a multi-car accident can be traumatic, poses a significant risk of injury, can result in great financial loss, and on rare cases, death. Accidents where a car hits a pedestrian can be even more traumatic, may result in more injury, and is statistically more likely to result in death and serious injuries. Although there are some instances where pedestrians have been found to have caused accidents, there is almost always some level of negligence on the part of the driver that led up to a pedestrian accident. This negligence can mean that the driver’s insurance will cover damages, but this can often require evidence and some form of proof. It is far too easy for drivers to say that someone jumped out into the road or that there was a don’t walk sign while the pedestrian was crossing the street. Insurance companies can latch onto these claims to refuse to pay medical bills and damages which are the fault of their client. Since the majority of pedestrian accidents in Colorado occur at night and around 8% involve the consumption of alcohol on the part of the pedestrian, insurance companies often try to blame the occurrence of pedestrian accidents on the pedestrian. It is very rare that a person means to get hit by car, and most people are cautious about crossing the street. However, insurance companies continue to refuse to pay many insurance claims because they insist that negligence should fall solely on the shoulders of the pedestrian in many cases. Walking shouldn’t have to be so dangerous. Pedestrians who are hit by a car while walking or crossing the street deserve compensation for their injuries and the time they will likely have to miss work because of severe injuries. A qualified personal injury attorney can help pedestrians get the compensation they deserve from an insurance company or an under/uninsured motorist. Fuller Law has years of experience helping our clients get the money they need to pay medical bills and cover lost wages following a pedestrian accident. Colorado Car Accident Law Firm

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