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Elder & Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Denver

Do you suspect nursing home abuse of your loved one? An attorney in Denver can help investigate and prosecute neglectful or abusive parties within the nursing home. Elder abuse can include physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect on behalf of a caregiver or someone else in a position of trust. If you think your loved one is experiencing nursing home abuse, a lawyer in Denver will help. Often abuse is difficult to spot and the victim won’t offer information of their mistreatment, believing that the abuse is somehow their fault.
How many occurrences of elder abuse happen in Denver? In 2015-2016, almost 1000 cases were reported to the Denver Police Department. The most common elder abuse is financial exploitation, often by a loved one. An elder abuse specialized lawyer in Denver can help recover what rightfully belongs to the victim.
What are some of the warning signs that your loved one over the age of 70 is experiencing abuse or neglect? Look for the following signs from the National Institute of Health

  • Seems depressed or confused
  • Has trouble sleeping
  • Loses weight for no reason
  • Displays signs of trauma, like rocking back and forth
  • Acts agitated or violent
  • Becomes withdrawn
  • Stops taking part in activities he or she enjoys
  • Has unexplained bruises, burns, or scars
  • Looks messy, with unwashed hair or dirty clothes
  • Develops bed sores or other preventable conditions

If your loved one is demonstrating any of the above signs of abuse or neglect, an elder abuse attorney in Denver such as John Fuller can help. Contact us for a consultation today.