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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Denver

As a motorcycle rider himself, John Fuller can appreciate the joys of the open road.  However, when tragedy strikes, nothing has the potential to cause more damage than a crash involving a motorcyclist. We are committed to getting motorcyclists the compensation they deserve for any injuries and damage to their vehicle. Continue reading for common misjudgments from motorcyclists.


I ride a motorcycle to and from work. All my friends say I should wear a helmet, but I don’t think I am that likely to be involved in an accident. Do motorcyclists have a lower chance of being in an accident?

Unfortunately, the likelihood of a motorcyclist being involved in an accident is higher than drivers of automobiles. To date, motorcyclist fatalities have steadily increased every year from a historic low of 2,116 in 1997. Even though Colorado law does not require you to wear a helmet, safety experts everywhere agree that helmets save lives every year and can decrease your risk for a traumatic brain injury.

I was recently in a motorcycle accident and sustained serious fractures throughout my body. I know I need to contact an attorney, but right now I am more focused on my injuries. How long can I wait before deciding to file a lawsuit?

After a traumatic motorcycle accident, it is only natural to focus your energy on your recovery. Unfortunately, this is also the best time to contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney. Your attorney will need to investigate your case and gather all evidence as soon as possible. Insurance companies will often try to settle quickly with a motorcycle accident victim. Their motives are simply to avoid liability and preserve their client’s assets. Unfortunately, most insurance companies offer victims without legal representation, substantially less compensation than they are entitled to. In addition, in the State of Colorado, there is a three-year time limit for filing a civil personal injury claim for injuries caused by use or operation of a motor vehicle (this includes motorcycle accident claims).

I may have been partially to blame for the motorcycle accident. Should I still contact a Colorado Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

The major consideration is the issue of “Comparative Negligence.” If a motorcyclist is partially responsible for the accident that caused their injuries, they can be held ‘comparatively’ or partially negligent. When a driver is found to be partially at fault, it will cause a reduction in the verdict the victim receives. However, since many people associate a negative image with motorcyclists, insurance companies may still offer motorcyclists far less than they actually need after a catastrophic injury. A motorcycle accident attorney will be able to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries, regardless of your situation.

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident due to someone else recklessness or negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your personal injuries and/or property damage. However, you need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Denver to make the process nothing but a smooth ride and ensure you receive the respect you deserve as a motorcycle rider. John Fuller is a uniquely qualified motorcycle attorney in Denver with the best interests of motorcyclists at heart.

If you need a motorcycle lawyer in Denver, call Fuller first.