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Police Misconduct & Brutality Lawyer in Denver

Have you or someone you love suffered at the hands of an officer who should not be wearing a badge? There are many forms of police misconduct and much of it is witnessed by police themselves: According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 84% of police officers witnessed fellow officers using more force than necessary. If you or someone you love have experienced police brutality, get an attorney in Denver.
Some of the kinds of police brutality our lawyers pursue in Denver include excessive force, abuse, and wrongful arrest. During an arrest, an officer is expected to determine what’s considered to be excessive force. However, their interpretation may be different than someone being arrested. In a court of law, excessive force is a factual issue ultimately determined by a jury. If you believe you experienced excessive force at the hands of a police officer, consider seeking a police misconduct attorney in Denver to get you the justice you deserve.
Often it’s understood that police are above the law because they enforce it. However, when a police officer uses excessive force, they have stopped following the rule of law and instead can be subject to it. A police misconduct lawyer in Denver such as John Fuller of Fuller Law can help such police officers face justice. You deserve compensation for any illegal treatment by a police officer. Contact John Fuller for a consultation today.