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Reporting Suspected Drunk Drivers in Denver

Aurora and Denver DUI Accident Attorney

Driving while intoxicated poses a significant risk to all who are on the same road and individuals who do so are not only breaking the law, they are also significantly increasing their likelihood of being involved in a crash. As a driver it is important to avoid drivers you suspect of being drunk while driving, but it is as important to do all you can prevent a drunk driver from injuring the other drivers who are using that road. The Best way to ensure that a drunk driver does not hurt other drivers is to report them to the police so that an officer can access the driver’s state and prevent them from driving if they are in fact intoxicated.

Reporting Drunk Denver Drivers

Properly reporting a driver who you suspect of driving while intoxicated is an important part of doing all you can to keep the roads safe. When you see a driver you suspect of driving under the influence of alcohol, first do what is necessary to avoid them, then observe as much detail as you possibly can about vehicle, license plate number is best, but if you can’t see it make a note of as many features of the vehicle as you can notice, such as, make, model, color, and any distinguishing features such as dents or missing lights. Also take note of the road you are traveling on, the direction the suspected drunk driver was headed, and an approximate location of where you saw them, mile markers work well as do intersections.

Reporting Suspected Drunk Drivers in Denver

Following observing the details that will help the police investigate the suspected drunk driver, immediately call 911 or your local police station if you have the number. Give the police all the details you can remember as soon as possible following the sighting of a suspected drunk driver. The sooner you are able to report, the better chances police have of eventually finding the suspected drunk driver. Do not attempt to tail the drunk driver in an attempt to keep track of them, following a drunk driver can be extremely dangerous and should never be attempted. After reporting what you saw to the police, follow any instructions they give you and safely return to driving.

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