Ridell Ordered To Pay Over $3 Million


9 News reports that football helmet manufacturer Ridell has been ordered to pay over $3 million to the family of a high school student in Las Animas County who suffered brain injuries while wearing a Ridell helmet. The suit claims that Ridell failed to adequately warn of the dangers of concussion. Ridell faces a similar suit in California, as well as complaint by numerous former NFL players. The jury here in Colorado determined that damages in the case totaled $11.5 million, and that Ridell was 27% responsible for the young man’s injuries. That makes the award in the range of $3.1 million (27% of $11.5 million). The family’s attorney plans to ask the judge to find Ridell responsible for the entire $11.5 million judgment.

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Everyone knows that kids get injured playing sports, particularly contact sports such as football, hockey, or rugby. Still, you expect that your children will be kept safe, relatively speaking, by their safety equipment. No one thinks that their son or daughter will come home from team practice one day with a serious brain injury that could negatively impact the rest of his or her life. Unfortunately, it does happen, and sometimes it happens because a player or coach did not understand the dangers involved.

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