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Rolling the Blood Alcohol Content Dice

Denver and Aurora DUI Accident Attorney

Colorado has zero tolerance for drunk driving. This means that if you are caught driving with a BAC of over .05, you will go to jail. If convicted you will face jail time, fines, community service, and in most cases, loss of your license for at least 6 months. Choosing to drive drunk after being convicted of a DUI or a DWAI exposes a driver to the possibility of more severe punishments as the minimum jail sentence for a person’s second DUI in Colorado is 90 days and jail sentences could last up to a year. With subsequent offenses, the punishments for drunk driving cases gets more severe, this includes longer jail times, higher fines, more community service, and longer license suspensions. Individuals who choose to drive with a blood alcohol content over .05 are not only risking criminal conviction, they are also gambling with the lives of everyone else who will be driving on the same roads. Alcohol consumption impairs a person’s ability to make good decisions, it also affects a person’s reflex times, hand eye coordination, and depth perception. When a person chooses to drink and drive they are not only rolling the dice in concern to criminal charges, they are also rolling the dice to decide whether or not other drivers will be injured because of their choice. Colorado Car Accident Law Firm Those who choose to drive after drinking even just a couple beers could end up in jail. Estimated calculations of BAC exist that are based on how much alcohol was consumed, over a specified period of time, by a person of a given body mass. These calculations can give individuals an estimation of their BAC but should not be fully trusted. The rate at which each individual metabolizes alcohol varies and is hard to accurately measure. There are also many factors which can affect alcohol absorption and overall BAC. The only way to know your BAC with any degree of accuracy is by using an accurate breathalyzer or BAC blood test. Driving after drinking is never a safe bet to make in Colorado.

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