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School Bus Accidents

Denver and Aurora Bus Accident Lawyer

On average, there is about one vehicle accident every 6 seconds in the US. The vehicle types included in this figure are cars, trucks, SUVs, Big rigs, motorcycles, and even buses. Millions of American parents trust school buses and those who drive them to deliver their children safely to school each day. Parents often trust that riding on the school bus is the safest way for their children to arrive to school and often buses are much more safe for children than walking to school, biking, and according to some statistics, even being driven to school by their own parents may be more dangerous in general than riding a school bus. However, bus accidents do occur, as the people of Boulder were reminded on November 30th, 2009.

Colorado School Bus Accidents

On the 30th of November 2009, a bus bringing 17 students to Boulder High School crossed a sidewalk, grazed a retaining wall, and telephone pole before coming to a stop. To the relief of Boulder parents, no one was severely injured on the bus but the accident did raise many questions about the safety of their children. There were no other vehicles involved in the accident and according to the driver’s testimony as well as eye witness accounts, the driver blacked out prior to the accident and then drifted out of his lane and into a wall. Although drugs were immediately suspected, no drugs were found on the drivers toxicology report and it is likely the “blackout” was more likely extreme drowsiness following the drivers use of the prescription drug Ambien the night prior to the crash.

school bus accidents

The case continues in court but parents question if there were policies in place which were not followed or if perhaps proper policies did not exist that might have prevented this accident. Cases like this have been seen throughout the country and the threat a bus accident can pose to riders can be serious taking into account a bus’s poor safety performance. When serious school bus accidents occur, taking steps to prevent further accidents becomes important. Another important step following a serious accident is the investigation that will help determine who is responsible for damage and injuries resulting from the accident.

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