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The Science of Driving Under the Influence

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In Colorado, alcohol related accidents make up roughly 6% of all car accidents each year and result in over 20% of all car crash deaths in the state. Drunk driving accidents pose a serious risk to drivers throughout Colorado. Alcohol is defined as a central nervous system depressant and along with having the ability to reduce people’s inhibitions, it also reduces hand eye coordination, reaction time to visual stimuli, reaction time to physical stimuli, and a person’s ability to use logic and reason. Being a depressant of the central nervous system, alcohol consumption can affect most voluntary functions and senses, including speech, movement, sight, taste, smell, perception, and even sleep. The symptoms of alcohol consumption can be potent and when all are in full effect at once, dangerous if the affected individual were to get behind the wheel of a car. Other effects can occur with continued drinking, these include intoxication, blurred vision, slurred speech and increasing unsteadiness on one’s feet.

Driving Under the Influence in Colorado

When driving, drunk drivers will take much longer to react to changes in the road than other drivers. This does not necessarily mean that drunk drivers will have trouble with roads they are familiar with but this does mean that when they must quickly react to animals, pedestrians, and other cars in their way, they will have a much more difficult time avoiding obstacles than sober drivers would. Combined with blurry vision, reduced judgment, and reduced hand eye coordination, drunk drivers have a hard time reacting to situations that require action even after they are able to identify them.

The Science of Driving Under the Influence

Alcohol has a profound effect on the central nervous system and can have a direct effect on a person’s ability to drive even in small quantities. When large quantities are consumed, individuals lose the ability to make good judgments, effectively control their body, and react to almost any unexpected situation. Behind the wheel, this is a deadly combination and one that results in a large portion of all vehicle crash related deaths.

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