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Sideswipe Accidents in Colorado

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Approximately 75,000 car crashes are investigated in Colorado each year and it is also approximated that tens of thousands of accidents go unreported in the state each year. These accidents include head on collisions, rear end crashes, single car wrecks, chain reaction accidents, and sideswipes. Sideswipes may be called by many names but they are one of the most notorious types of accidents, particularly because sideswipes are one of the major accident types which are most commonly associated with hit and run accidents. In Colorado, there are hundreds of hit and run accidents each year and these accidents often result in significant injury and property damage. One of the particular dangers of sideswipe accidents is that damage is sustained in an area of the car which is usually not protected by air bags and is not as resistant to damage as the front or rear of a vehicle. One common airbag defect is that many do not deploy when a car is struck on its side, a defect which has played some role in the deaths of several car crash victims. Besides posing significant risk of severe injury, sideswipe accidents are often hard to prevent and can result in large amounts of damage, even at lower speeds. Aside from individuals drifting out of their lanes, sideswipe accidents are most commonly seen at intersections and are often seen when one vehicle fails to yield another right of way. Colorado Car Accident Law Firm As with any accident, sideswipe collisions cause significant property damage, personal injury and in some cases, death. Unlike other accident types, sideswipe accidents often result in injuries in both the front and rear of the car and in many cases airbags are unable to offer significant protection from injury.

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