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SUV and Truck Rollover Accidents

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In Colorado Springs, nearly 40% of all registered vehicles are either considered a pickup truck or SUV. Currently, many of these vehicle owners are at the center of a debate about the responsibility of car manufacturers for perceived design flaws that can lead to accidents but more commonly make vehicle handling more difficult. In the US, there have been many cases where it has been proven that the manufacturers of trucks and SUVs were liable for accidents which resulted in serious injury and death during the last few years. However, not all pickup truck and SUV rollovers are the result of a poor design. Claims of design flaws have been made for many models of both domestically made and foreign pickup trucks and SUVs. Some of these claims have been just and others have proven to be nothing more than false accusations. Even though there may be some flaws in the overall design of many of these vehicles, what is most important in these cases is what caused an accident or what were the factors that resulted in the rollover and the injuries that followed. Many pickup trucks and SUVs are thought to have significant design flaws, not only because they have a proven tendency to roll over at the least provocation, but also because once they have landed on their roofs they often don’t have enough structural support to prevent the cabin from collapsing. The collapsing of the cabins of trucks and SUVs is what is often responsible for the injuries and deaths that result from rollovers.

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Often, the claims of negligence on the part of a manufacturer by the driver of a flipped SUV or pickup truck is seen as an attempt to make money where none is due. In truth, many of the manufacturing flaws that result in accidents are commonly known within the auto industry. These flaws are often obscured to prevent potential buyers from turning away from expensive SUVs and trucks which have often accounted for over half of the vehicle sales for some manufacturers in the last several years. Many manufacturers continued to manufacture vehicles which they knew had poor safety performance simply because they knew they would sell.

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It can be very difficult to prove that a large and powerful vehicle manufacturer is responsible for injuries you sustained from a vehicle accident in Colorado Springs or anywhere else in the country. Having a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney on your side is the best way to ensure that you get the compensation you are entitled to. If you have been injured, have had a loved one injured, or have a loved one die in a SUV or truck rollover in Colorado Springs, or elsewhere in Colorado, contact a Denver personal injury attorney to learn more about your legal options and to receive your free initial consultation. Bookmark and Share