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In Thornton, bicyclists, scooter riders, and pedestrians are everywhere. Bikers and scooters often have the same rights as automobile drivers, but frequently fall victim to collisions with cars and trucks. Pedestrians often have the right-of-way but find themselves hit by cars looking the other way and simply running right into them. After a biking or pedestrian incident, there are important steps that need to be taken that can drastically impact the outcome.

First, try to get contact information of any witnesses. These eyewitnesses can help avoid the finger pointing that always follows these accidents. Even the police will occasionally not know the true legal status of a bicyclist or scooter driver. In some municipalities, crossing in a crosswalk is legal — in others, it is not. In some instances, bikers and pedestrians share the same pathways. Fuller Law has represented victims of almost any conceivable way you could get hurt on a bike or scooter. From getting “doored” by a parked car to a pedestrian getting run over by a bicyclist, if it can happen, we have probably seen it. It is important that you contact our pedestrian accident lawyer quickly following your Thornton accident.

Fuller Law's pedestrian and bicycle accident lawyer has been representing victims in the Thornton area since 2006 and hold a positive track record of yielding desirable results for our clients. You can expect a free consultation to determine if you have a case, and we charge no fees until we recover money on your case. We care first and foremost about your wellbeing, and our Thornton pedestrian and bicycle accident attorney will fight for your case so that you can recover all the damages you are entitled to.

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The rates of pedestrian accidents and incidents are increasing every year in the Thornton region. With a 12% increase in fatality rates, pedestrian mishaps are difficult affairs to handle alone. Fuller Law has been the trusted Thornton area attorney for pedestrian and bicycle accidents since 2006. We develop a case for you, communicating with insurance firms, and pursuing monetary settlements. To receive a free consultation and learn more about the claims filing process, call Fuller Law today to determine whether you have a case.

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After a bicycle or pedestrian accident, it is best to seek out legal support for any ensuing action you might take. With a bicycle or pedestrian accident lawyer from Fuller Law, you understand you are hiring a team that will stand by you until the very end. Our pedestrian injury lawyer offers free of charge consultations. Do not let injuries and losses stand in the way of your life returning to normal; claim the economic settlement you deserve with Fuller Law's pedestrian and bicycle accident legal team today!

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If you or a family member are the victim of someone else’s negligence in Thornton, CO get the Fuller Law Team on your side today. Our team of legal professionals is ready to begin working on your case today. We offer free, no obligation consultations on the phone, in person, via free video conference, or even hospital visits if necessary. Contact us today and experience the Fuller Law Advantage for your Thornton, CO's case.

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