Tips For Parents On Ensuring The Safety Of Their Babies

crib-safeThe Consumer Product Safety Commission, a government agency charged with ensuring the safety of consumer products available for sale in the United States, offers tips for parents on ensuring the safety of their babies while sleeping in their cribs, or playing in a playpen. While no one would intentionally place their child in a dangerous situation, there are a number of ways that babies can be seriously injured in their cribs. One of the most important tips, and one that is not always obvious to new parents, is to avoid putting pillows or excessive blankets in the crib with the baby. The less objects that are in the crib, the better. Check that the mattress fits correctly, with spaces no bigger than two fingers’ width between the mattress and the sides of the crib. Please make sure that the crib is properly assembled. Do not use cribs older than ten years, and do not use a crib that may be broken or incorrectly assembled. Don’t put the crib near windows with cords from blinds or curtains.

If your baby has been seriously injured because of a defective crib or other baby product, contact an experienced Denver products liability attorney today to discuss your options.

Babies are curious by nature. One of the principle ways that they learn about the world around them is by investigating anything and everything around them. Putting their hands, feet, and heads through spaces they find, playing with, feeling, or tasting objects that they find, and exploring their environment are not just play for babies, but they are a key part of how they learn and develop. Unfortunately, this sometimes causes trouble. Each year, tens of thousands of babies are treated in emergency departments across the country as the result of cribs and other nursery products.

john-fuller-personal-injury-attorneySpeak with dedicated Denver products liability attorney John R. Fuller today if your baby has been seriously injured by a defective crib or other nursery product. Sometimes, injuries suffered during infancy can result in a lifetime of medical treatment. If that need is caused by the negligence of a company that manufactured a defective crib, an experienced Denver products liability attorney can fight to hold that company accountable for their actions. You may be entitled to financial compensation for present and future medical bills as well as pain and suffering if your baby’s life is seriously impacted by the defective product. For more information and a FREE CONSULTATION, contact John Fuller today at (303)597-4500.

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