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The Dogfood Eating Burglar and Other Frivolous Lawsuits

Most of us have heard of frivolous lawsuits—maybe we even know someone who was sued and lost the case even though, on the surface, it seemed completely crazy. Whether bizarre, outrageous, or downright ridiculous, here are ten lawsuits that you may find simply unbelievable.

  1. Budweiser Fantasy Denied: In 1991 Richard Overton claimed the Budweiser beer he drank caused psychological trauma, mental injury, financial loss and emotional distress. The distress, apparently, came after he witnessed a bikini-clad woman on a Budweiser commercial appear for two men in the commercial driving a Bud Light truck. Overton stated he became distressed after his own fantasies of a beautiful woman in a tropical setting failed to come to life after he drank a beer. He then bought—and drank—more and more Budweiser in an attempt to persuade the bikini-clad woman appear to him. Overton sued Budweiser for $10,000, but the case was dismissed.
  2. The Movies Made Me Do It: Patsy Byers’ family sued Warner Brother and Oliver Stone as well as other parties involved in the movie “Natural Born Killers.” The lawsuit, filed in 1996 asked for an unspecified amount, claiming Benjamin Darrus and Sarah Edmondson engaged in criminal acts during which Byers was shot as a result of watching the movie. Byers’ injuries left her a paraplegic. After six years in litigation, the case was dismissed when an appeals court ruled those involved in the making of a violent movie were not liable for actions of the audience.
  3. Video Killed the Kids: The tragedy of the Columbine shooting had even farther-reaching repercussions in the form of a class-action lawsuit filed in 2001 by family members of the Columbine High School shooting victims. The lawsuit was filed against twenty-five movie and video game companies for a staggering $5 billion. The lawsuit claimed the deaths would not have occurred if the shooters had not played violent video games and watched violent movies. Not only was the case thrown out, the plaintiffs were ordered to pay the legal fees of the video game and movie companies.
  4. Lost Pants Worth $54 Million?: In what seems almost two bizarre to be true, a judge in Washington, Roy Pearson, filed suit against a family-owned dry cleaning shop after they lost his pants—for $54 million in damages. The owners of the dry-cleaning shop demanded Pearson be disbarred and removed from office for pursuing such an abusive, frivolous lawsuit. A U.S. District Judge found in favor of the defendants, and Pearson claimed he would appeal.
  5. PTSD from Killing a Dog: Andrew Burnett was serving a three-year sentence for killing Sara McBurnett’s dog in a road rage incident. During his sentence, Burnett filed a lawsuit claiming he had suffered mental anguish and PTSD because of the incident. In a move that surprised no one, the case was dismissed.
  6. No Leg Room in Coach: Most of us simply suffer through cramped leg room and crying babies while on a flight, but husband and wife Jerome and Judith O’Callaghan refused to suffer in silence. The couple filed a $100,000 lawsuit against American Airlines in 2004, claiming the airlines advertised plenty of legroom, but their flight to Paris left them with back and leg pain. Further, the couple claimed, the limited space made Mr. O’Callaghan’s legs so unsteady, he later tripped and broke his nose at the entrance to the Basilica in Rome. The outcome of the lawsuit has not yet been determined.
  7. Age Discrimination or Just Sex Denied: In another bizarre lawsuit, Rolf Eden, aging German playboy filed suit against a 19-year old woman who refused to have sex with him. Eden filed the suit under the guise discrimination, claiming the woman refused to sleep with him because of his age. The case was dismissed.
  8. Give Me My Kidney Back: Adding insult to injury, after donating a kidney to his wife, eight years prior, a Long Island doctor, Richard Batista received divorce papers from his cheating wife. The doctor sued his ex-wife for $1.5 million to pay for the donated kidney. The courts refused to hear the case and it was dismissed.
  9. Trapped in a Robbery: An incredible jury award of $500,000 was given to a thief in Bristol, PA who burglarized a home, becoming trapped inside. The burglar was trapped in the house for eight days, surviving on Pepsi and dry dog food. After his arrest, the thief sued the homeowner, and, unbelievably, the jury found in favor of the thief.
  10. Graduation Blues: If you are wondering how to repay your student loans, consider the case of the New Yorker who, in 2009, sued Monroe College three months after graduation.  The woman asked for damages in the amount of $72,000, claiming she was unable to secure employment due to the office of career advancement’s lack of assistance.

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