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The Top Most Shocking Celebrity Car Crashes

Close-up car accidentA fatal car crash is a tragic and devastating event for all victims, their family, and their friends. Yet when a celebrity dies tragically in a car accident, this can have a ripple effect across the entire country—and sometimes around the world. Like it or not, celebrities names and faces are plastered on billboards, commercials, and magazine covers in nearly every country. As a result, many of them have a large and fanatic fan base that follows their every move. When a celebrity’s life is taken at the height of their fame, the result can be devastating, not only for their families left behind, but also for their thousands of fans. Many times, their names will live on forever, sadly, in part because of the tragic ways in which they died. Here are ten of the most infamous celebrity car crashes of all time.  
  1. Paul Walker. The Porsche driven by his friend, was traveling at about 90 mph when it began to drift as it emerged from a curve. The vehicle slammed into a light pole and was engulfed in flames. Both men died. Walker left behind a beautiful young daughter and was in the middle of filming the Fast and the Furious 7.
  1. Ryan Dunn. The actor of “Jackass” notoriety was killed in June 2011 when his speeding Porsche 911 wrapped around a tree and burst into flames.
  1. Lisa Lopes. The flamboyant recording artist was killed while vacationing in Honduras. She apparently lost control of her rented SUV and the vehicle tipped over. Lopes died with a head injury. The other eight passengers survived with varying degrees of injuries.
  1. Princess Diana. Attempting to flee the paparazzi while vacationing in Paris with her companion Dodi Al Fayed, her driver inadvertently slammed into an interior wall of the Pont de l’Alma tunnel. Only Dianna’s bodyguard survived the crash.
  1. Grace Kelly. The talented actress turned Princess was driving her Rover 3500 in Monaco when she crashed through a retaining wall. She and her daughter were trapped as the Rover careened 120 feet through tree branches. Grace was killed on impact while her daughter survived with multiple injuries.
  1. Steve Prefontaine. The track and field star was on his way home from a party when he swerved his MG convertible to prevent a collision with another vehicle. His car flipped after hitting a stone wall, fatally pinning the young athlete underneath.
  1. Jayne Mansfield. The screen siren, her lawyer, and a night club owner were all killed when Mansfield’s Buick Electra rear-ended a tractor-trailer. Sleeping in the back seat, Mansfield’s three children survived the crash.
  1. Jackson Pollock. The career of this avant-garde painter was cut short when a single-car, alcohol-related crash claimed his life in Springs, NY in 1956.
  1. James Dean. The vibrant young film star was killed when his prized Porsche Spyder collided head on with another vehicle. His passenger survived with head injuries and a broken leg, although Dean was nearly decapitated. He was pronounced dead on the scene.
  A car accident can happen to anyone—at any time—and without discretion. It can end the life of someone in his or her prime or at the height of his or her career and can leave thousands in mourning.   While a celebrity’s death may make the headlines, in reality, it is no more tragic than the 30,000 other car accident victims who lose their lives each and every year. Each death is a tragedy—a loss beyond words.   Contact Denver Car Accident Lawyers Denver car accident lawyerIf someone you love has been killed in a car accident by another person’s negligence, contact Denver car accident lawyer John R. Fuller today. Our Denver personal injury attorneys understand how devastating this time is for you and your family and how many questions you have unanswered. We are here to help find answers to those questions. Contact us today at 303-597-4500 for a free initial consultation.