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Traumatic Brain Injuries

Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Every year over 1.4 million Americans experience some form of traumatic brain injury, according to the Center for Disease Control. While any significant trauma to the head can result in a traumatic brain injury, motorcycle accidents are one of the main causes. In fact, traumatic brain injuries and head injuries are the number one cause of death in motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles share the roadways with thousands of other vehicles including automobiles, sport utility vehicles and large big rigs. When a motorcycle collides with one of these vehicles, the results can be devastating. The human body is simply not equipped to withstand these brutal forces and a motorcycle offers very little protection during an accident. Safety experts continually urge motorcyclists in every state to wear helmets when riding, in an effort to decrease the number of serious traumatic brain injuries and death. Unfortunately many motorcyclists do not heed these warnings and motorcyclists who ride without helmets are 40%  more likely to experience a fatal head injury. What makes traumatic brain injuries so devastating, is their ability to affect nearly every aspect of a person’s life. As the brain is denied oxygen for an extended period of time, swelling and inflammation worsen and irreparable brain damage begins. The longer the brain is deprived of oxygen, the worse the disabilities will be and victims of traumatic brain injuries can find themselves suddenly unable to eat, walk and even remember their own names. If you or someone you love has suffered a serious traumatic brain injury after a motorcycle accident, it is important to contact a Colorado personal injury attorney immediately to review your case. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and for any disabilities that have resulted. In addition, your attorney will help you file for all of the social security and disability benefits you are entitled to. Colorado Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

Fighting for Your Rights after an Accident

As a lawyer dedicated to protecting the rights of injured victims, Attorney John R. Fuller argues persuasively on any motorcycle accident question. He will battle the insurance company counsel every step of the way, fighting them in their efforts to pay you as little as possible for the pain and suffering you’ve experienced. You can be assured that he won’t be satisfied until you are. This client commitment is a major reason why he has successfully handled so many cases just like yours. He works hard to build a strong case. His understanding of negligence, mastery of legal strategy and knowledge of motorcycle accidents on the roads and highways of Colorado works in your favor. He is always ready to go to trial to obtain the compensation you need and deserve for your motorcycle accident.

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