Tried and True Safety Features that are Worth the Extra Money

Passenger Car Air BagSafety is a top priority for most car shoppers. From crash worthiness to up-to-the-minute technological advances, safety features offer different pros and cons, and all at a cost. So, how do you know which ones are really worth the added expense and which ones just sound good on paper? Here are some of the tried and true safety features.

Anti-Lock Brakes

Of all the advancements in safety technology, anti-lock brakes may have done the most for automotive and traffic safety. In a panic stop situation, an anti-lock braking system will automatically pulse the brakes for you, preventing them from locking up. While ABS is standard on most modern vehicles, it is well worth the extra cost if necessary.

Backup Camera

Why pay for a backup camera when you can just turn around, or use your mirrors? A backup camera will allow you to continue to see what€™s in your path continuously through the act of backing up- that€™s why. The added safety of a backup camera will keep you from being surprised by small children or pets darting behind your moving vehicle.

Dual Front Airbags

A standard feature on all vehicles manufactured since 1995, used car shoppers will want to make sure their potential purchase has them. Although dual front airbags won€™t prevent an accident, they will drastically minimize injuries sustained if you are in an accident, protecting your face from the dashboard and steering wheel. It€™s hard to imagine driving without dual front airbags.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

It is a common scenario- one we€™ve all found ourselves in- you€™re backing out of a parking spot without having a clear view when, all of a sudden, another car comes up quickly out of nowhere. Your heart jumps and you hit the brake. Cross-traffic alert systems take the guesswork out of backing out of tight spaces by warning you when a vehicle is approaching from your blind spots.

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Side-Curtain Airbags

Side-curtain airbags deploy in a side impact to prevent injuries to your head from broken glass or twisted metal. Some airbags are designed to deploy in rollover accidents. Many vehicles now include side-curtain airbags as a standard feature. Even if you have to upgrade to get this safety feature, it will be worth it if you€™re ever in an accident.

Stability Control

Auto manufacturers have been required to equip their vehicles with stability control since 2012. So if you are shopping for a used car be sure to include this feature on your list of must-haves. By braking one or more wheels when necessary, stability control keeps your car on its intended trajectory when other factors cause sliding or skidding.

Of course, one of the best safety features on your car doesn’t cost a dime and has been standard in vehicles since roughly 1958. That’s right €“ the seatbelt. Seatbelt use is one of the most overlooked and underappreciated safety features on your car. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, adult seat belt use is the most effective way to save lives and reduce injuries in crashes. Seat belts actually reduce serious crash-related injuries and deaths by 50%! 

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