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Trucking and Alcohol Abuse

Aurora and Denver Trucking Accident Injury Attorney

Although truck drivers are normally tested for drugs and alcohol before they are offered a job, truckers are still driving their rigs on the road after or while consuming alcohol. The Insurance Institute for Traffic Safety conducted a study of interstate tractor-trailer drivers that showed results confirming that 15% of drivers had smoked marijuana, 12% had used non-prescription stimulants, 5% used prescription stimulants, 2% used cocaine, and less than 1% had alcohol in the blood when tested.

Alcohol Abuse

Impairment can occur at any level of alcohol consumption; a driver does not have to be completely intoxicated in order to reach impairment. Reaction time and the decision making ability are both reduced drastically when alcohol is consumed, even at low blood alcohol levels. With rigorous monitoring, law enforcement and the Department of Transportation have greatly reduced and controlled the incidence of truck driver intoxication. Unfortunately, even with the laws that are in place and the law enforcement officials that are working hard to eliminate truck drivers that abuse alcohol while on the roads, statistics of accidents caused by impairment due to alcohol are still occurring and people are still getting injured. When already fatigued truck drivers consume alcohol while driving, the results can be deadly. These negligent truck drivers should be held responsible for their actions and for the injuries they cause. If you have been injured in a trucking accident and believe the truck driver was driving impaired, you may be able to file a claim for compensation. Our Colorado trucking accident attorneys are skilled and experienced in negotiating with large trucking companies and their insurance companies. As a result, we always obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries. Trucking companies and their drivers have a responsibility to all those that share Colorado’s roadways. If you have been injured in a catastrophic trucking accident, contact us today for a free consultation. Colorado Car Accident Law Firm

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