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Types of Elder Abuse

Aurora and Denver Elder Abuse Attorney

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Physical Abuse:

Anytime a caregiver or other person uses unnecessary force against an elderly person, it can be considered abusive. Hitting, pushing, burning  and over or under medicating an older person are some of the many forms of physical abuse that can be punishable by law. Unnecessary use of restraints is also considered physical abuse and can leave an elderly patient vulnerable to bed sores and depression.

Emotional Abuse:

Anytime a caregiver threatens, intimidates, or ignores an elderly person, is considered emotional abuse. Name calling and yelling at older persons can cause severe mental anxiety, depression and pain for elderly adults in the final years of their lives.


This form of abuse involves a caregiver deliberately withholding care and attention from an elderly person. They may fail to change soiled bed linens or give pain medications promptly. In severe cases of neglect, they may even fail to provide adequate food and water. According to Colorado Law, “ …adequate food, clothing, shelter, psychological care, physical care, medical care, or supervision is not secured for the at-risk adult or is not provided by a caretaker in a timely manner and with the degree of care that a reasonable person in the same situation would exercise….” (C.R.S.§ 26-3.1-101(4)(b).

Sexual Abuse:

Unfortunately, elderly people are also at risk for sexual abuse. Sexual abuse can range from inappropriate touching and nudity to more violent acts of rape and sodomy.

Financial Abuse:

Financial abuse is unfortunately one of the most common types of elder abuse and can range from a misuse of an elderly person’s money to actual fraud and embezzlement. Due to their increasing dependence, many elderly people mistakenly hand over their money and property to caregivers that do not always have their best interests in mind. Financial abuse also includes the many scams and frauds that are perpetuated by sales people and other businesses looking to take advantage of an elderly person.

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