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Unsafe Road Conditions in Colorado

Aurora & Denver Auto Accident Attorney

Snow, sleet, rain, flooding, pot holes, washouts and frost heaves can all have a significant effect on the drive-ability of a road and all Colorado drivers are forced to deal with many of these issues each year. These conditions result in many accidents in Colorado each year and result in a large percentage of the single car accidents seen throughout the state. The most common cause of these accidents is individuals driving at excessive speed on unsafe roads. Rather than the road conditions themselves playing a direct role in the occurrence of car accidents, it is how individuals choose to drive on these roads that results these accidents. However, even when speed is reduced to match the condition of a road, accidents often do still occur, especially when traffic volume is high. Generally, when road conditions are particularly difficult, drivers are encouraged to avoid driving if they can. Unfortunately this is not always possible and many motorists continue to travel on unsafe roads and a percentage of these drivers will not observe a safe driving speed. Colorado state law allows police to pull cars over and issue speeding tickets for cars traveling above safe speeds on unsafe road conditions even if that speed is considerably less than the usual speed limit. Unfortunately, this is not enough to keep drivers from going too fast on difficult to drive roads. Drivers traveling at excessive speed on unsafe roads not only account for a considerable percentage of the total accidents in Colorado but also cause many of the injuries and deaths that result from car accidents each year. Colorado Car Accident Law Firm Driving safely then being hit by another driver who chooses not to drive according to road conditions can be very annoying. Adding to this annoyance can be injury, property damage and on occasion, death.

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