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Vehicle Defects

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Recent vehicle recalls have highlighted an issue which has been seen across the country and throughout the state of Colorado for years. Dangerous manufacturing and design defects do exist in many of the vehicles that we usually assume to be safe. Some of these defects can cause issues immediately after purchase while others will not develop until after the vehicle has been driven tens of thousands of miles. Regardless of when these defects affect an individual’s ability to drive the vehicle, they all pose the potential of serious injury and even death. Additionally, many of these defects can be directly attributed to mistakes make by the vehicles manufacturer. The Colorado State Police reported vehicle defect as the cause of 448 accidents in 2008 and it is likely that there are hundreds more defect-related crashes were investigated by local agencies or went unreported. Many of these vehicle defects were attributed to maintenance, after market modification, or condition of the vehicle, however flaws in manufacture or design were the cause of many of these accidents. In the last several years, millions of cars have been recalled for design flaws or defects in manufacturing which were found to be the cause of several accidents. The phenomena of vehicle defects resulting in death or serious injury is by no means common but these accidents do occur and when they occur it is because the vehicle’s manufacturer made a error when designing or manufacturing the vehicle. Colorado Car Accident Law Firm Major car manufacturers such as Ford, Toyota, Honda, and GM have recently been forced to issue safety recalls of millions of vehicles because of defects which existed in many of the vehicles they had manufactured and sold throughout the United States. These recalls are meant to prevent accidents and keep drivers safe, but unfortunately these recalls only come after vehicle defects have resulted in several accidents and often, numerous deaths.

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If you have been injured in an accident which resulted from a vehicle defect, or have a loved one who has either been injured or died in an accident which was the result of faults in vehicle manufacture or design, you may be entitled to compensation for your loss and injury. A Denver personal injury attorney can help individuals injured in defect related accidents get the full compensation they deserve. To learn more about your legal options following a defect related crash and to receive your free initial consultation, contact Fuller Law today. We Also Serve Clients in Littleton & Boulder, CO. Bookmark and Share