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Vehicle Roll-Over Accidents

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SUV, truck and motor vehicle rollover accidents are unique among the other major types of car accidents as the liability in such cases can often fall to the manufacturer. Specifically, SUV’s and trucks have a much higher rate of rollovers because of inherent design flaws. Some of these flaws have been disclosed to the public, but many more exist which have not been yet been disclosed or may still wait to be discover. In some vehicles, it is the tire tread which delaminates and causes an otherwise well driven vehicle to suddenly lose control and flip or roll. In others, it is the vehicle’s severe top heavy nature, as seen in many SUVs, that causes the rollover. Weak supports can then cause the roof to collapse while the vehicle is upside down, creating an extremely dangerous situation for all occupants of the vehicle. Most rollover accidents are the result of poor handling, however, there are many cases where design flaws, a fault in the vehicle itself, or the negligence of another individual may be responsible for a vehicle rollover. In some cases, drivers can be found to be negligent and ultimately responsible for the vehicle rollover of another truck or SUV. These instances include a slight collision which led to the rollover, erratic driving which cause evasive action, or a major collision which directly caused a rollover. Under Colorado law, even if there was no collision prior to a rollover, there are times where another driver may be liable for the accident, this is however something which is determined on a case by case basis. Colorado Car Accident Law Firm Following a rollover of your SUV, truck, or other motor vehicle, it is important to get the police involved. Even if there is no other cars involved and there are no injuries, the police must document the events of the accident and need to assess liability. Even if a roll over is solely blamed on the driver, further investigation and evaluation of the evidence could prove otherwise. This is especially true in the case of design flaws within the vehicle. Not all rollovers can be linked to any person other than the driver, but there are many cases in which someone other than the driver had a hand in causing the accident. The accusation of catastrophic design flaws or flawed workmanship do however remain difficult to prove. It usually takes an attorney with years of experience in trying automobile crash liability to prove this type of liable and an experienced lawyers is often the biggest determiner of how much compensation the victim will receive.

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If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an SUV, truck, or motor vehicle rollover, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. In the event that a loved one was killed in a rollover you may also be entitled to additional compensation and damages. If you were involved in a rollover accident in Colorado, contact a Denver personal injury attorney to take advantage of our years of experience in automobile injury law and to receive your free initial consultation today. We Also Serve Clients in Littleton & Boulder, CO. Bookmark and Share