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Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of accidental death in America. It can be very difficult for survivors of wrongful loss of life to navigate the many legal issues surrounding the death of their loved one while in mourning. If you are in Westminster and have lost a loved one in a car crash, we urge you to contact a wrongful death lawyer. At Fuller Law, we understand how unmanageable a wrongful death situation could be for families. It is why we encourage contacting a wrongful death attorney focused on auto accidents as quickly as possible. Learn more about the process of obtaining representation and why Fuller Law is the right wrongful death law firm to represent you in the Westminster area by setting up a free consultation.

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Colorado has its own Wrongful Death statute, found at CRS 13-21-202. The Wrongful Death statute has specific rules regarding who is entitled to bring an action and limits on the amount of money awardable. How a claim is pursued can drastically impact the final recovery. Even when a loved one ultimately dies following an accident, there can sometimes be extraordinary medical bills amassed between the crash and their passing. Under the Wrongful Death statute, surviving families may or may not be responsible for all those bills. This makes it essential to hire an accidental death lawyer after a car accident from a skilled wrongful death law firm like Fuller Law. We can help you to protect your rights in Westminster sooner rather than later.

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If you lost a loved one in a motor vehicle crash in Westminster, Colorado statutes may permit you to bring a Wrongful Death claim. Spouses, parents, dependent children, and sometimes others are allowed to bring claims, but some claimants have priority over others. It is critical that you contact Fuller Law to discuss your rights quickly. One of the most crucial first steps is to identify the proper parties to bring the wrongful loss of life case to action; doing so takes a wrongful death lawyer. Fortunately for you and your family, Fuller Law is experienced in this area of law and will work on your behalf to recover everything you are legally eligible to receive.

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If your loved one is killed in an auto accident — whether it's from a DUI, a vehicular homicide, or a completely random occurrence — Fuller Law has the wrongful death attorney to assist you in obtaining the financial help you deserve. In Westminster, most wrongful deaths will involve law enforcement, and some will result in criminal charges brought against the at-fault driver. Do not trust the Police, the Victim’s Assistance, or the District Attorney to advise you of your Wrongful Death Survivor rights. Even with the best of intentions, those people are involved in the criminal side of the prosecution of that driver. We are involved in the Civil side of this case, and the two are very different. With that being said, Fuller Law’s accidental death lawyer has helped clients arrange for victims’ assistance for funeral arrangements, transportation of bodies to family members for burial, and many other things. Contact us today to see how we can help you in this critical time.

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If you or a family member are the victim of someone else’s negligence in Westminster, CO get the Fuller Law Team on your side today. Our team of legal professionals is ready to begin working on your case today. We offer free, no obligation consultations on the phone, in person, via free video conference, or even hospital visits if necessary. Contact us today and experience the Fuller Law Advantage for your Westminster, CO's case.

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