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What to do After a Denver Car Crash

Aurora & Denver Auto Accident Attorney

Car accidents are often confusing, disorienting and traumatic. It is easy to want to deal with the aftermath of an accident as little as possible after it occurs, but knowing what to do following a car crash is what usually separates those who are properly compensated for their injuries from those who aren’t. The first and most important thing to do following a car crash is to call 911. If necessary an ambulance will be dispatched and in almost all situations police will be sent to investigate the crash. If there is significant damage the police will have to document it. They are also at the accident to investigate the case of the accident and to make sure that no laws were violated leading up to the crash. In Denver, it is common for officers to issue fines to any individuals who obviously broke the law leading up to an accident while at the scene. While waiting for the police to arrive, and after making sure your car is in as safe a position as possible, it is important to make a photo record of what happened during the accident. Have pictures taken of damage to your car, the surrounding area, and any physical indications of the accident to preserve the scene. If there are any skid marks made during the accident, take pictures of them also. Even if the police take pictures of the scene of the crash, taking your own pictures ensure that you will have an independent record of the accident and evidence of the crash. Also document as much of your injuries as possible. If they are minor take picture of them as they may be hard to prove months later. Colorado Car Accident Law Firm If there are any major injuries, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. It is usually important to get checked out even if you don’t feel that hurt following accidents which involve extreme speed. The forces involved in a car crash can be significant, and internal injuries which are not immediately apparent often occur. While with a doctor, tell him/her of all pains, aches, and injuries, both major and minor so they can be documented and investigated further to see if you may require further medical assistance. If possible, see if your doctor will take pictures of your injuries and include them in you medical record so that your injuries are fully documented and authenticated.

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