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Wrongful Death from Drunk Driving

Aurora and Denver Wrongful Death Attorney

Drunk driving is responsible for as much as 30 +% of all motor vehicle deaths in the US each year. The likelihood that someone who has been drinking will be involved in an accident is several times higher than the chances of an average sober individual being involved in an accident at any given time. Driving immediately following drinking is a choice that endangers the lives of individuals who use the roads. Unfortunately, the victim’s of drunk drivers do have the same option as drunk drivers, and cannot simply choose whether or not other drivers will drink and drive. Sharing the road with drunk drivers is a scary concept, but unfortunately it is a fact of life. Although there are a few steps drivers can take to avoid accidents with drunk drivers, there is little drivers can do to fully protect themselves from the risk drunk drivers pose. Hundreds of deaths resulting from DUI and DWAI accidents occur in Colorado each year. Unfortunately some of these victims will die at the scene, others will receive medical care and may spend a considerable amount of time in the hospital before dying as a result of their injuries. These deaths are never welcomed or expected and drunk driving deaths are often very difficult for the loved ones and family members of drunk driving victims. Following drunk driving deaths, families are often left with large medical bills and a significant loss of income, not to mention the loss of a person whom was loved and a part of a family. Wrongful death suits seek to recover the cost of medical bills, funeral expenses, as well as income that a family may have lost following the death of a wage earner. Even if an individual was not a wage earner, their contributions to a family and their potential to earn future income can be taken into consideration in a wrongful death suit. Often, the financial gap left by the death of a family member will usually persist for years and is often considered to be a measurable financial loss on a yearly basis for many years following an individual’s untimely death. Colorado Wrongful Death Attorney

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Dealing with the emotional loss of a loved one following a drunk driving crash can be hard enough. Dealing with financial ramifications of the loss of a loved one makes the situation even more difficult. If you have had a loved one killed by a drunk driver in Colorado, you may have grounds for a wrongful death suit. Fuller Law can help you evaluate your options and get the compensation you deserve. Contact Fuller Law today to learn more about your options and to receive your free initial consultation. Bookmark and Share