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According to The Denver Post, two CU-students are facing 18 felony charges for bringing THC laced brownies to their class. The two students brought ‘pot brownies’ to their history class on a designated ‘bring-in-food’ day. They did not make it aware to any of the other students or the teacher that the brownies main ingredient was marijuana. The teacher and the other 7 students were affected by the incident. It was made apparent when several students complained of symptoms including dizziness, anxiety and loss of consciousness. The teacher assistant and two students were hospitalized after ingesting the brownies. The two students admitted to bringing in marijuana infused brownies to the class. The two students are facing identical charges: eight counts of second-degree assault and eight counts of inducing the consumption of a controlled substance, one count of each charge representing each victim, as well as one count each of conspiracy to commit second-degree assault and conspiracy to induce consumption of a controlled substance because they are alleged to have worked together.

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Marijuana is the most frequently used illegal drug in the United States. According to, nearly 69 million Americans have tried marijuana at least once. A survey showed that 59% of users forgot what a conversation had been about before the conversation was over. Marijuana users in college were surveyed 24 hours after use and found an inability to focus on material, maintain attention or organize data. Health reports have shown that smoking weed is just as dangerous and carries just as many lung cancer causing agents as cigarettes. A person who smokes 5 joints a week can be consuming as many lung cancer agents as a smoker who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. On average a marijuana joint can have 50% more cancer causing agents as a tobacco cigarette. Marijuana causes increased process of deterioration of mental abilities, as well as affects reproductive nature and increases risk of lung cancer and oral cancer. There are many differences between smoking and ingesting weed. It is important that when eating weed to be aware that the concentration levels are different. If you are being charged with a felony or misdemeanor contact Denver criminal defense attorney John Fuller to get the best possible outcome for your case. There is no criminal charge that you should ever take lightly. There are many court proceedings that are required with criminal charges. It is important that when you are charged with a crime that you are protecting your rights. The best way to protect your rights is by hiring a criminal defense lawyer. John Fuller is a dedicated and experienced personal injury lawyer who has worked with countless victims in helping them receive the best out come in their situations. Often times it is hard to get your story heard and can be frustrating. Contact an attorney who will listen to you and help walk you through the judicial system. Representing yourself in court can be a very hard and scary thing. It can also hurt you in the long run. Spending the time and money on an experienced defense lawyer now, can help you get the most lenient charges possible. Call John Fuller today at (303) 597-4500 for a free initial case evaluation.

It’s officially that time of year again! Time to sharpen your pencils and zip up your backpacks! While starting a new school year can be an exciting time for everyone in the family, it also means that your children will, once again, be exposed to a host of dangers that were not an issue over the summer break. During the school year, children spend more time at school than they do anywhere other than their own homes, and as parents, we want to believe our children are safe in the school environment. Unfortunately, they are not as safe as we would like to believe—and injuries can occur in a variety of ways.

    School Bus Accidents Opportunities for injuries abound in and around school buses. Almost 23 million children ride school buses every day, and despite claims by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that school buses are the safest mode of public transportation, nearly 17,000 kids end up in emergency rooms every year because of school bus-related injuries. This is even more serious when kids are traveling long distances—such as for field trips and overnight weekend excursions.   Playground Negligence The majority of injuries sustained at elementary schools occur on the playground. Playgrounds that are devoid of protective surfaces, have equipment that poses entrapment hazards, or equipment with protruding parts which can scrape skin or entangle clothing can all lead to serious injuries. Lack of proper playground supervision is another serious issue that often leads to injuries. Broken bones, head injuries, and internal injuries are just some of the injuries children can suffer while at recess.   Weapons at School In today’s day and age, weapons are entering our schools in alarming numbers. It is never acceptable for another child to bring a violent weapon into a school, but they still occur—even in schools that are equipped with metal detectors. Teach your children to immediately report any knowledge of other students having possession of knives, guns, or other weapons. These are strictly prohibited on school grounds and can be the source of horrific school day injuries.   Bullying Nationwide, one in ten of the estimated 7 million in-school injuries between 2001 and 2008 were a result of physical altercations amongst classmates. Additionally, children who received these types of intentional injuries at school were twice as likely to be sent to the emergency room. Being physically assaulted or bullied at school can also damage children emotionally and result in attempted suicides and eating disorders.   School Shootings Whether inflicted by an outsider or a student, school shootings are among the most horrific of tragedies. School shootings are frightening and have long-lasting implications on families and their communities. In recent years there have been an increasing number of school shootings in elementary schools, high schools, and even universities. Teach your children what to do if a shooter does enter their school and find out what your child’s school’s safety protocols are.   How a Denver Personal Injury Attorney Can Help In this country, children under the age of 15 suffer approximately 15 million unintentional injuries every year. Furthermore, it is estimated that nearly a quarter of these take place in and around schools.   Our firm is committed to safeguarding children against all injuries, whether accidental, or the result of negligence or harassment. Parents and caregivers should educate their children about the potential dangers of bus stops, bullies, and strangers who mean to cause them harm, but schools have a duty to furnish a safe environment in which children can flourish. If a school fails to provide a safe environment for your child or if a teacher’s negligence leads to your child’s injury, you may have cause to file a claim. Depending on the nature of your child’s injuries, your child may suffer long-lasting and permanent damage that will affect him or her throughout life. Don’t delay, however, because there are time limits to filing personal injury claims in the State of Colorado.   If your child has been injured during the school day, contact our office today to discuss your case. Our Denver personal injury attorneys can help you find the answers to your questions and protect your family during this time. Our Colorado personal injury law firm has the experience to know when our clients are being treated fairly and will respond accordingly. Contact us today at 303-597-4500 for a free initial consultation.        
The businessman using mobile smart phone while driving the carWhile most of us tend to think teens are the biggest texting offenders on the roadways, the surprising results of a recent study found middle-aged drivers have a high rate of collisions due to the use of their cell phones while driving. These results show that very few drivers really have a clear understanding of the risks associated with distracted driving.
Colorado State FlagIn 2014, there were 32,675 traffic deaths across the United States. In the state of Colorado, between the years 2002 and 2015, the state of Colorado had between 411 and 677 deaths annually. You may wonder about the primary cause of these fatal accidents. conducted a study regarding the causes of fatal accidents. There were nine primary causes of auto fatalities, including:
Three dimensional apps on smartphone.Using your smartphone while driving is not smart– and in most states, it is illegal. Checking your text messages, surfing the Internet, and talking on the phone can be a deadly mistake. Yet, your phone is not all bad. There are apps out there that will actually make you a better driver. There are apps to help you avoid a distracted driving accident, apps that can monitor your driving habits, help you safe fuel, and even apps to help you avoid road hazards.
voiture sportiveThe San Diego-based automotive brand analysis firm, Strategic Visions recently released its “Customer Love Index” for 2015 model-year vehicles. The report indicated that Americans are definitely not enamored with hybrids. In fact, the only class of vehicles that scored below the minivan was the hybrid. But what exactly is the most loved car of 2015?
Woman In Car Texting On Mobile Phone Whilst DrivingInfotainment is a new buzzword for everything that is both informative and entertaining. Infotainment pieces can be articles, blogs, and even videos. They can be found on our computers, our smartphones, and even in our cars. In fact, infotainment is everywhere –and this constant accessibility may be killing us.
mit Schnupfen AutofahrenWe’ve all been there—you are right in the middle of rush hour traffic on a Friday afternoon, the sun is in your eyes and you feel a sneeze coming on. According to some research, more than two million drivers have crashed because of a sneeze while they were driving, and at least a third of adults believe driving is the worst time to sneeze. In fact, sneezing can have disastrous, or even fatal consequences when it happens to a driver. A 79-year old Australian woman died in 2014 after a sneeze caused her to jerk the wheel of her car, causing a rollover. A school teacher in Missouri lost control of her car in 2012 after a sneeze, running into another driver, who lost her life in the accident.